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The Pantheon  -  The Pantheon - A WoW guild for people age 25 and over, on Draenor EU
The Pantheon
Draenor (EU) - 90 users

World of Warcraft - PC - Draenor (EU)

Draenor (EU) - PvE

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Death Knight
spec spec spec
class Demon Hunter
spec spec
class Druid
spec spec spec spec
class Mage
spec spec spec
class Paladin
spec spec spec
class Priest
spec spec spec
class Rogue
spec spec spec
class Warlock
spec spec spec
Progress Ranking (Tier 18)
World: 9540   Region: 4516   Realm: 137
Recruitment information
The Pantheon (Draenor EU) is a guild specifically for adults - our members are aged 25 and above and our main goal has always been a simple one - to offer a friendly and mature atmosphere and the chance for our members to experience content within a polite, friendly environment where they are treated with respect and patience. We have a good mix of ages, nationalities, males and females and completely understand what it is like to try to balance work, life and WOW. We are interested in the person behind the pixels and are aiming to build a tight-knit community where it doesn't matter if you have played for ten minutes or ten years.

We are not a raiding guild, we are a social guild that will come together two nights a week to kill some bosses in a fun and relaxed setting so if you are new to raiding or have taken a break from the game, we can offering you a nurturing environment where you can experience the content. We are also very interested in Mythic + dungeons and also transmog, mount and achievement runs.

Mostly, we can offer you a place to call home regardless of whether you are a new player, a seasoned veteran or a burned out raider and if you feel you are a good fit for us, please get in touch.
Time Schedules
Casual Social 18+ Only Raiding voice
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